The white square on a white ground seemed to me to be like a challenge: Please, do it! Everything is possible. A very inviting gesture for following generations, which liberated art from the competition of skills.

As a person who goes into the studio, I do have a theme. For the work on canvas, however, it is not the question of how to realize a theme that is important, but rather which jar of paint I open, which brush I pick up. The fundamental theme is the human being, the question of what being human means, what life has to offer outside the logic of utilization.

The main exercise is probably letting go of notions and reacting to the circumstances that are specified by the purposeless brush stroke, largely abandoning control. Something happens in that moment that is not induced by effort or calculation.

There are rare moments of luck, and a picture is made in an afternoon; I work on other paintings for years. The definitive conclusion is when a picture is sold. As long as a picture is still in the studio, there is always the possibility of continuing to paint it.