Hand Luggage Production

handluggage_production developed out of the need to produce outside my studio. In the tradition of found footage I work with the deconstruction of found materials.

Boxes can be found all over the world. Working with the boxes results in a mobile art work that can be easily transported. The multiplicity of the figures (hight between 10 to 40 cm) and the different possibilities of hanging form an open system that serves site specific installations.

Barcode Slaves_Basel, 2019

Barcode Slaves_Vienna 2018

Barcode Slaves_Bohemia 2017

Barcode Slaves_Berlin 2013

Barcode Slaves_Bangkok 2015

Barcode Slaves_Los Angeles 2014

Barcode Slaves_Vienna 2014

Barcode Slaves_Teheran 2012

Barcode Slaves_Sao Paolo 2011

Barcode Slaves_New York 2011